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    Holdem Poker Strategy?

    Can a good poker player tell me what strategy I need to play against a bully poker player in a tourney when they begin to always raise pre-flop in order to steal the blinds against a tight short-stacked player with poor starting hands?
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    Depends on stack size really. the rng favors donk moves so ya might wanna push against him with some marginal hands. They are most likely raising with any two cards but you have a couple of options. Wait for a really good hand and reraise (maybe even push) or a decent hand and just push with it. Otherwise stay out of his way til you have a good hand.

    Oh my bad i just seen you said can a good player tell me LOL Im not very good online because of the rng but live id like to think my results speak for themselfs. Unless they are getting lucky someone at the table will get tired of it and start challenging them every time they raise.. Raisaing with any 2 only leads to being out and done. So dont let it frustrate you into playing a hand your not comfortable with.. Good luck taking the donks chips
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    This is an ever occurring situation in nearing the final table at a poker tournament. I suggest if get a good hand to play it and be ready to push all in.

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