The title says it all. I will be starting in between a week and ten days. I already have a couple of people in mind, but feel free to post your results on Carbon Poker/ Juicy Stakes/ BCP. I really don't care what your PS/FT stats were; I am more of a what have you done lately type guy. I plan on depositing anywhere between $200-$500 on BCP and going from there. I have a lot of school work to do over the next week, so I won't be ready to start until a week or so. I know there are several players here that have what it takes to earn money for me and themselves in the process. I'm not completely sure of the logistics yet, but I will be evaluating players on a case by case basis.
I know that several players here have staked me in the past; having said that I don't feel that I owe any of them a return favor. ( I am just saying that in advance, it is strictly business) I can say that I will be running a day to day operation where players will be required to reset their balance daily. I will be starting players off in mtt's under $5 and potentially moving them up based on several determining factors.
Post your SN's here itt and I will take a look. All potential deals with include stake-back + MU. If you don't know what that entails look it up if your interested in becoming staked. This is going to be an experiment that I will likely stick with for a month, upon which I plan on reassessing the risk/reward. I know poker here in the USA sucks, and I definitely want to give you all shots; having said that I need to pick players that I feel have the best shot at making money for me and ultimately themselves in the process. ( If I don't pick you it's not personal. I swear I would pick the most arrogant/obnoxious person ever, if I thought that they were both trustworthy and capable of earning a high roi). Every staking transaction will be posted itt, and I will require knock-out hands to be posted as well. I also will require that you have installed, so that should I want to watch you play I will be able to. Thanks guy's.... I appreciate this forum, and would like to give back because it helped me make some money in a difficult poker climate. See you guys around.