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    Getting punished for playing kqs

    Thanks guys for the input on my situation where i had pocket 88 utg, you guys really helped me, so heres another question i have,

    Ok, so its like 3 am, and i raise 2.5 bb on the cutoff with kqs
    get called on the button, then get 3bet to 10 bb in the big blind
    I think using the strategy that i have been using if i hadnt been playing for like 4 hours i would have just mucked an easily dominated hand like this but i had position and it was SOOTED!
    but anyways, flop k 8 3 rainbow, and i was kind of sad to see a king, because now i wasn't folding. Btw, this was a 2c 4c where the average pot size was like 50 bb (2.00), which is outrageous compared to the norm at like 15 bb.
    So because this was such a fast paced game i wasn't folding.

    Well postflop action goes like this,

    BB fires 22.5 big blinds

    and then action to me
    I feel like theres no way i can fold
    so i call
    button folds
    turn 3
    now another rag came off and BB fires 55 big blinds,
    this is a weird bet that i thought had some bluff potential, because he only had like 15 big blinds behind him after he made this bet,

    but again, im just not going to get away from this one,

    i go all in
    he calls
    he shows ak
    i turn kq and get pwned

    i feel like my real chance to get away from this hand was preflop, but i figured my hand was good enough to call,

    i think after the flop i was going to lose it all,

    because i dont think i could fold it on the flop

    and probably not on the turn do to pot odds and the lousy board,
    so it gets SHIPPED!

    What do you guys think i should have done?
    play poker client 1/2 with me

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    I think being tired made you stubborn, but you had knowledge of these players for a while so not necessarily. The reraise in a ring game stinks of AK or pocket pair large, so I think if I was playing well, I coulda got away on the flop, being afraid of the AK...KK...or AA hands....after the call...yeah , you were stuck. Really would depend on if the guy had been solid or donking prior to this hand, but I've done a lot worse when tired...just refusing to believe!!!

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    I think you were PokerOwned!!

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    ya ya no matter what you play with and get beat ur gonna bitch wah wah wah get used to its poker

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    lol i hear ya ....we all bitch no matter what. 3am? musta been tired????

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    KQs is still a gh. Just now it can be dominated. KQs is definitely a flop peeler, and a opener.

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    i like KQ especially suited and you can treat a king like an ace sometimes

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    every hands a winner every hands a loser

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    Quote Originally Posted by walter1024 View Post
    ya ya no matter what you play with and get beat ur gonna bitch wah wah wah get used to its poker
    I know ur wanting ur 5 points but seriously hes looking for help. Why make a post like this? Constructive criticism is always good but to come off like this really serves no purpose other then ur own ego..

    Im a tight player so take it for what its worth. The raise pre is ok but after he refires i dunno but if u wanna see a flop make the call but you still Have to be willing to fold and i think u had no intentions of folding no matter how OP played this..More info on Op would be good but i would also say u got very stubborn with this hand and had made up ur mind u wasnt folding regardless.. but ya live and learn and who knows next time he could be bluffing
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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