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Thread: Forum Newbie

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    Talking Forum Newbie

    OK, I am new to these forums. I know how things work, I run my own forums. I need to know what all I need to do here on PokerOwned in order to receive full privileges, i.e. shoutbox access etc. Thank You in advance.

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    Number of things should be easily located in the FAQs but I guess the ones that were more important to me were:

    4 forum posts a day that can count for points (I say don't try to limit yourself to that if you want to foster a community)
    5 points per post
    PO rules make it so that in order to be eligible for points on the forum you must have earned points through offerwall deals. Basically the maximum amount of total points you can earn from the forum is equal to the total points you have earned through surveys, vids, radioloyalty, etc.This is to prevent mooching for points just off the forum (the site doesn't generate revenue off forum posts, this is just to encourage activity and community).

    Shoutbox access wasn't too hard to get if i recall correctly... I think you just had to either 1. post on the forum (which you have) or 2. earn some points from the offerwall. Might be wrong on this but right or wrong it shouldn't be too hard to get chatbox access.

    I don't think there are many other things locked besides some in-house betting/poker by putting up the points you have earned up for stake.

    Apologies if you already knew this, I wasn't sure what you already knew based on your own experiences and since no one had responded for a while I figured I'd give it a go.

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    You should just post on forums and be active with different members and topics. Watch the videos and earn points.

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    Good luck and have fun here and on the virtual felt
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