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    Everyone's doing it so why not!? Herez 0$- Hero- probably back to 0!

    So on my Hero account (Hereztowinz1) I am going to start grinding it out and trying to stay in low games, instead of risking it alot like I usally do. Currently I have 0.03 to my name, I have earned a total of 268.16 VIP points, but only have 81 VIP points to my name. I'm going to do some sng's and do some freerolls and see where it get's me , update soon!

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    so that is like 80 cents. i would say not to play the super turbo sngs and just play maybe the pocket change since they have 10 min blinds i think. good luck and hope you make some money.

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    Try to get some freeroll money to add to bankroll-11 cent SnG's are pretty easy
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