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    eichroll first swc f/r

    I took like 45 outta 350 which is bad i was down to 3bb i just thought this last hand was hillarious. dude reshoves with kq with bb behind hime with 6k more chips whoa.

    Dealt to eichroll [As Ah]
    codewebs folds
    slawdawg420 folds
    Onyx folds
    Got_Tilt folds
    morpheous folds
    eichroll raises to 3665 (All-in)
    anarchology raises to 10175 (All-in)
    b3rt folds
    anarchology refunded 6510
    ** Flop ** [Kc Tc Qc]
    ** Turn ** [3s]
    ** River ** [5s]
    ** Pot Show Down ** [Kc Tc Qc 3s 5s]
    anarchology shows [Kd Qs] (Two Pair, Kings and Queens +T)
    eichroll shows [As Ah] (a Pair of Aces +KQT)
    anarchology wins Pot (10130) with Two Pair

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    congrats eichroll, that's not too bad

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    45th out of 350 is still pretty good. Sorry about the bad beat though.

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    do a post here?

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