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    Does bankroll management give us a stop-win?

    Let's suppose that we are playing full-ring NLHE. We are properly rolled, but only for exactly the max buy-in. Several players at the table have more than the max buy-in, so when we win, our buy-in + our winnings will be exposed to risk as soon as we stay at the table. Is there a standard answer for the stack size we should not be willing to play (if covered)? Is it 2xBI?

    Extra credit: now suppose we're rolled for a 150 BB buy-in but the max is 300 BB. Does the answer, as a function of our original BI, change?

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    I think this depends more on how comfortable you are playing deep stacked. I guess you could set a goal(win x amount and im leaving type thing). Myself, I look at it the other way, the more i have, and they more they have, the more I can win. I can protect my winnings just fine when I'm playing, again just comes back to playing deep stacked.

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