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    Deposit Problems on Black Chip

    Okay so my name is Jacoby and I've been participating in the freerolls pokerowed offers for a little while but haven't posted on the forums yet. Hopefully this is an alright place to post this question, I thought maybe the market place but I'm not sure.

    Most pokerclients I've found to not accept Mastercard which is what I have through my bank. I haven't played online poker since black friday and Full Tilt and I'm a full time student so I only want to deposit 25 dollars to my account so I can play occasionally and see what I can do with my bankroll. I know you can trade, stake, do all kinds of things on poker owned so my question I suppose is, is there a service pokerowned has I can use to get money to my BlackChip account, can I transfer funds through the site or to someone that's been a long time reputable forum member and them p2p me, or are there other options?

    I'm not giving in and WU them 50 dollars, prepaid visa's that I have found no longer allow international fund transfers, so who has advice and what should I do?

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    I know a lot of people will sell poker funds for Green Dot, paypal or for PO points. You can also earn points and do a redeem from this site. If none of these are an option if you could find a buddy or two to split the WU bill you could all pitch in 20-30$ plus a part of the WU fee. I never did like WU myself, awkward sending money to a random name in the Phillipeans lol. Clerks usually give you a funny look.

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    Green dot and paypal are your best options, you might ask in main chat. Good luck!!
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    or just dont deposit at all and build through po freerolls - it can be done - i have made it to $80 in 3 weeks on BCP and started just from freerolls here and built it up

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