Slow down and begin to call hands when in position.
Raise when you see weak players limp into the pot.
Re-raise with medium pairs if the player you would be heads-up with only has one-fourth of your stack. Be prepared to call if he pushes his chips in the middle.
Be aggressive when the situation dictates. Be patient when the situation dictates.
Know the difference between the two.
Call any small raise in position with hands like suited connectors and nut flush hands like [A][x]s.
Continue to use your position and your chip stack to your advantage
To play a big stack and continue to build it you need to be smart about when and whom you get involved with. Try to play smaller pots to control the pot size. Obviously we do not want to play big pots without big hands unless we have the nuts against a player with two-thirds or more of our stack. When you are involved with another big stack make sure to take your time and think through the hand. Use solid poker strategy.