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    Can someone explain this quote: "(screenname) is back on seat!"

    I've been seeing this a lot on WPN from people when they return in the last few months. Anyone know the origin of this really stupid quote?

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    same as the name 'disconnected?'
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    lol I've also seen that screenname a few times around the tables in the past. Just another funs SN, that's all
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    I don't think y'all are understanding the question .
    I've often wonder why they would say it also.
    I've have asked a few people once I have seen the statement,but they never give me a reply.

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    Post ee

    do you mean they always say the same words?
    in some pokerroom there are so many strange words i cant understand. do not mind it

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    It's from people who are using the Betcoin mobile app.
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