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Thread: Bodog Seized?

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    Bodog Seized?

    Local sports bookies rejoice! Business could soon pick up now that the Feds have seized the website and indicted founder Calvin Ayre, along with three other Canadians, for illegal gambling and money laundering, Forbes reports. The indictment comes from Maryland, where sports betting is illegal. Ayre, who marketed himself as the Hugh Hefner of online gambling, denounced the charges on his website, saying it is an "abuse of the US criminal justice system for the commercial gain of large US corporations. ..."
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    as far as I know they seized the domain which is no longer in use since one year

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    yes they seized the domain name which was not in use for a year - not the company

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    I love Calvin Ayre, the US has targeted him several times and each time he just flips them the bird and continues about his business.
    I have not read much on this but Bodog was one step ahead and switched their domain a while ago, so if they seized .com, good for them, lol.

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    the sites still up as bovada the owners are just screwed and under investigation if i remember what i read correctly
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    I had few bucks in Bodog before they switched but couldn't logon to the new network because of country of orgin (USA). Has anyone been playing over there if so did your exsisting account get transfered with funds in place?
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    i wasn't ever able to change over to bovada when they changed it from bodog.

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    bodog seized

    I just heard was seized by the DOJ. I don't know the details of why, but now I have a question. If they're still seizing sites, what are the chances merge gets hit?

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    Money laundering & such of over $100M.

    Go to and see the full details.

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    yesterdays news (actually 1+ year ago news)
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