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    Big stack thinking???

    Hey peeps, so you have a big stack, maybe you 3/30 left, itm is 20..what is the proper style of play you take on your table..i notice big stacks on carbon will call a small stack with anything and 50% of the time will hit or win..alot of blind stealing as well from big stacks and even the all in every hand..i have yet to develop a constant style with big stack but i tend to be tight depending on the type of game..what are you style of play or proper play when you are big stack on the table..

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    well I do also have problems with this. In general I seem to be too careful...

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    If i have a big stack and we are close to the money i may call small stacks that wont hurt my stack with almost any 2 but i wont challenge another big stack unless i have BIG pairs or get to see a flop and have what i think is best hand or close to the nuts
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