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    The ACR From ZERO to HERO by RobbingUBlind

    Going to start a new bankroll building plan for one of my only options at this time on ACR, seeing as how I'm from Indiana. This may change if current legislation changes in my state, that being said I am limited to my options on where to play but do enjoy the ACR software and it seems as if they have some very good tourneys coming up in the near future. I am new here to forum and would like to contribute as much as possible. That being said I will post my complete plan in detail over the next few days. I want to get everything down on paper and get this rolling and see how far I can go. It will be a mix between MTT/SNG's/ and cash table play to offset the variance from MTT's. More to come in the next few days: I will keep you posted.

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    Best of luck to you on your bankroll building venture.

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    That's what I'm going to on Pokerstars.
    Micro Multi Poker Challenges.

    Good luck to you.
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    Ok so I have given much thought to guidelines for beginning this bankroll building challenge and have used a combination of various references. All of my play will be on America's Cardroom. I will update thread as often as possible. My goal is to reach $25nl by December and build a bankroll of $3000 from nothing. The very first step of this building challenge will be to grind freerolls at the beginning once I have reached $20 The guidelines will be as follows:

    $20-$40 Level 1
    55c ON DEMAND MTT's
    42c and 67c SAT TICKETS
    1.62 DoN's
    10c $100 GTD

    $40-$150 Level 2
    1.62 DoN's Add 3.22 DoN's @ $120 BR
    BIG 10 - 200 GTD $2.20
    BIG 10 - 300 GTD $3.30

    $150-$250 Level 3
    3.22 DoN's Add 5.30 DoN's @ $200 BR
    BIG 10 - 200 GTD
    BIG 10 - 300 GTD

    $250-$500 Level 4
    5.30 DoN's Add $10 DoN's @ $400 BR
    Any Sats $7 and Below
    BIG 10 3500 GTD $5.OO

    $500-$1200 Level 5
    $10 DoN's Add $20 DoN's @ $1000 BR
    Any sats $7-13
    Any MTT's $5 and below

    $1200-$3000 Level 6
    $20 DoN's Add $30 @ $1500 BR Add 50 DoN's at $2000 BR
    Any MTT's $10 and below

    *Once I reach a $3000 bankroll I will stop and draw up a new plan.

    Reach 25NL by Jan 2015
    1st place MTT Finish
    $3000 Online poker bankroll
    Play 1 live tourney per month
    Play 10,000 hands per month

    August Goals:
    Reach Level 1
    Final Table a MTT
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    Thanks for all the wishes guys and it defiantly helps to keep me motivated. I started today and already have made one final table for a 4th place finish after coming back as barely squeaking into the final table. Also I just found out that last week I apparently took 2nd on the ON DEMAND freeroll leaderboard, that I did not know existed lol, so that being said, I won a free ticket to the Punta Canta Poker Championship $55 qualifier. I would trade the ticket for tournament dollars if it was possible for a lower stake start on my level 1, but I guess that is not an option and it is a MUST PLAY event. If I win the $3300 package guess who is going to the Dominica Republic in November!!! but with any chance that I do win cash for bubble finishes I will use to pad my bankroll and get the ball rolling.

    Bankroll: 2.65 updated 8-10-14
    *1 $55 Sat ticket
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    ha ha ha

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    lol from 2.65 to 3k+ gl rob

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    hey its a goal

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    welcome to the site my fellow HOOSIER. Hope you enjoy it around here. Things arent quite what they used to be or you could have played few freerolls we used to have and build a roll quite easy... Good Luck on your challenge
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    I like the strategy, and the ambitious goal. Keep us posted.

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