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    Who Am I? 10 points. [multiple questions]

    This is a thread where a user can accumulate points by guessing these trivia questions.

    • Only 25 replies
    • **one guess if you guess multiple times and one of your answers is correct you won't get credit. The user below you wrong or right answer will receive the credit**
    • person who has the #25 reply in big letters type "END" (also, #50, #75....#400 etc)
    • Whoever guesses the correct answer will gain 10 points able to withdraw weekly.
    • Points accumulated at the end of every correct answer will be posted with users total amount.
    • I will post every question on page #1 and I will give notice of winners and updates.

    T: I am a man alone, when dark falls I am not alone.

    Points accumulated: 0 users 0 points.
    If Mcdonalds sold hot dogs would you be able to, with a straight face, order a mcwiener and tell them to supersize it

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    the Pope, everybody knows popes have much company at night....

    In the beginning God said : "The four dimensional divergence of an antisymmetric second rank tensor equals zero", and at once there was light.

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    Is it supposed to be a person, cause it describes "the moon" pretty well when the stars come out....

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    and the sun sets, what a beauty story, i would write a book about it

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    Are you an Iron Maiden fan ?
    <Poof> I only want to kick those chickens that beat up the rooster

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    your meatloaf

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