A few months ago I posted a rant about the lack of support and customer loyalty from both Sony/Sony Entertainment USA and many of their software developers. Mainly EA and DICE. My 4th PS3 just decided one day to selectively choose which games it played (Ironically it seems to prefer disc's that have a little scratching or other blemishes on them.

So one game will work fine, another wont; visually there is no difference between the disc. I even bought a 2nd copy of BF3 and it wont play!! WTF Sony and EA both just gimme the run around and blame each other while offering to repair or place (respectively) the product for a nominal fee. Not the point!! And it has seriously killed any enthusiasm I had about the release of the PS4. Guess I'll be left out in the cold with my IPads and PC games because I will never openly support Nazi Socialist and Population control proponent Bill Gates or any of his projects!! Unfortunately I have to use PC's since Apples are so expensive, but Win8 SUX SUX SUX. No one wants it Bill, just like no one wants your sociopathic ideas polluting our beautiful planet. Wish it were you instead of Jobs that was taken from us