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    Gauntlet the old Arcade game

    Ok old school players...who remembers Gauntlet the quick dungeon run through for up to 4 players in the arcades? It was one of the first games you could put another quarter in and pick up where you left off. Anyway, I read the other day they are going to make a pc version of this oldie.

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    My buds and I would DOMINATE that game. Later on I found a PC clone of it and played it with my sons when they were younger.
    I probably have that PC version laying around somewhere but it didn't work on anything past Win98.
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    I waste so many quarters at golfland on this stupid games. after that i got smart and string a thread to the tokens and play it for free all day.

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    i dont play arcade games at all they are a waste of money in my opinion

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    I also used many quarters on this "red warrior is about to die". Also there was a sci-fi four player game called "quartet" which was similar.


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    I loved the game, i just wish there was an actual final level.

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