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    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Here's a question for anyone that plays the free leagues on Yahoo: Is anyone else having a problem changing players on their team? I don't have the option to change starters or add/drop. Is there a secret or something? Say my (+) isn't unlocked (+ is for add/drop).

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    i want to do a fantasy ill have to try it next yr

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    I used to play on Yahoo and when their app was being shit, I switched to ESPN. Usually you click on the player on your bench and then move for a starter. Just stick with ESPN, the app is really nice too.

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    Somewhere on the page (near the bottom) you can switch to the old view.
    After changing that setting , I was able to change bench and active players.

    Before that, I didn't see where I was supposed to click.
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    It has been a while since I have played on yahoo...but if you are doing it after they are locked from playing it wouldn't work. You have to wait until after Monday night game to do any adjustments. That's how it works on ESPN.

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    iy should be easy other wise you can change back to classic which uses dropdowns

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