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    Sports betting by Riv - Introducing the TETHERMETHOD?

    So with football right around the corner, I wanted to share a method I've been using for years to help out people that aren't going for a quick kill (meaning 12 team parlays). I use this concept in college and pro football, and NBA. The basic idea is that by "tethering" all of the games you like to 1 team, you eliminate the "vig" and increase your profit odds.

    So how does it work? Let's say you like the following NBA games are going on in a given night:

    Golden State (-5.5) at Sacramento
    Boston (-4.5) vs. Charlotte
    Indiana (-7.5) vs. Orlando

    OK, I like all 3 and I want to win $100 on each game (which as you know with the vig means you are betting $110). So what are the possible scenarios?

    Win all 3: +$300
    Win 2: $+90
    Win 1: -$120
    Lose all: -$330

    Parlays carry no let's try changing the odds in our favor: Find the HIGHEST money line number on the board and parlay all 3 bets with it: We'll say Miami is (-700) against the Washington Generals er Bullets. So now instead of 3 straight bets, you do 3 parlays (GS/Miami, Bos/Miami, Ind/Miami).

    Instead of betting $110 to win $100, you are now betting $100 to win $118.18 ( By TETHERING every game you like to the Heat, here's how you change the odds in your favor:

    Win all 3: +$354.54
    Win 2: +$136.36
    Win 1: -$81.82
    Lose all: -$300
    Heat lose: -$300

    So in every scenario possible, you've increased your payout by minimally changing your odds (refer to this: Moneyline Conversion Chart - a team at -700 is statistically 88-90% to win)

    The flaw is if the "tether" loses, you lose everything. Still though, if a team is 90%, it's not like flipping a coin.

    I've been tinkering with this system over the last year. Comments or questions about the math are welcome.

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    Interesting read but i have found one truth about sports gambling...the more you know the worse you will do!

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