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    Silva/Weidman and the conspiracy (part 2)

    So there's a new theory floating around about this fight - I doubt it's true but it's definitely an interesting read:

    Here's the source: The Most Bizarre A. Silva Conspiracy Theory Has Just Arrived - FIGHT VIDEO FORUM

    ?Minotauro has declared the following statement: ?If people knew what really happened in the defeat of Anderson, they would be disgusted.?

    All Brazilians were shocked and saddened by Anderson having lost the belt in Vegas. But they don?t need to be. What is discussed below is the news firsthand being investigated by radio and newspapers throughout Brazil and some foreigners, specifically Wall Street Journal and Sports Gazette and the media should be released soon, and the evidence will confirm the facts.

    Rumor: Anderson Silva SOLD the UFC belt. The fighter?s staff was advised, at 1:00pm on July 6 (Fight Day), at a meeting involving Dana White, Pedro Rizzo and Mr. Lorenzo Fertitta. At first they were very upset, and Anderson refused to sell the belt.

    The acceptance came through the full payment of premiums, US$70K for each member of staff, plus a bonus of U.S$400K for the whole team, a total of US$23 million by Nike. Still, Anderson refused to participate.

    Their situation was only resolved after the representative of Nike threatening to withdraw its lifelong sponsorship of the fighter, valued at more than US$90 million throughout his career. Thus, it was agreed that Anderson would be defeated by points, but the apathy that befell the fighter made Chris Weidman, who absolutely did not participate in this negotiation, TKO Anderson.

    Dana White applauded the team collaboration of Silva, since the change of belt has brought balance to the category.?

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    No way is this true this is not Boxing and nobody is out there taking dives or throwing fights in the UFC. The underdog won by knocking Silva's cocky arrogant ass out plain and simple.

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