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    was rt last pick

    MLB: St Louis Cardinals (-125) vs Florida Marlins (+115) Over-Under 8

    Ricky Nolasco's numbers could really confuse some people. It states in his last 3 game, Nolasco's WHIP is over 2 with a 7.90 ERA. That's terrible. Then you see he is 2-1 in those 3 games which doesn't add up. So I look at those games individually and most of the ERA stems from just one game on July 20th, when he gave up 9 runs in 1.1 innings of work. That is a statistical outlier, or is it? In his last start, he only gave up only one earned runs in 6.2 innings. But what cannot be over looked is that he gave up 12 hits too. Nolasco was lucky to one have 1 run given up. I am selling Nolasco not buying.

    Batters have a .300 batting average against Ricky in the Month of July compared to .260 in the month of June. This is a problem particularly today. Allow me to list the hitters he will be facing today: Furcal is 5 for 8 including a HR. Jon Jay 3 for 3. Pujols 8 for 15 with 2 home runs. Matt Holiday 8 for 14 with 2 Home runs. Berkman 5 for 12 for a home run. And Schumaker 4 for 9. That's a lot of hitters that have a lot of success against Nolasco. The Cardinals projected line up is 33 in 61 At Bats in their career. That's a batting average of over .540 with 7 home runs. Thats mind blowing for that many at bats. This is consistent success versus a good pitcher.

    The Cardinals is the only team that Nolasco has never earned a win against in more than 1 start. He has 5 starts against Cardinals and is 0-3 with an ERA over 7.

    Chris Carpenter should have plenty of run support, and he has the potential to dominate. In 5 of his last 8 starts, Carpenter has allowed 2 or fewer runs. He also pitches deep into games. In 5 of his last 9 games, he has gone at least 8 innings. He is getting stronger as the season goes on which isn't unusually. IAll of Carpenters career key pitching numbers, ERA, WHIP, and BAA are all lower Post All Star Break, than Pre All Star Break. He started this year just 1-5, and was 5-2 after that prior to losing his last start. Carpenter is only getting better.

    Carpenter didn't pitch well in his only start this season against the Marlins. He allowed 4 runs on 10 hits, but it wasn't as bad as that seems. Only 2 of those hits were for extra bases. It was too many of those weakly hit balls dropping in for singles. He didn't get hard. In fact, over the last 3 years, in 3 starts, Current Marlins players only have 5 extra base hits. No one hits this guy hard on the Marlins team. In fact, there is only one person in the Marlins projected line up that has a home run off him, and that's Mike Cameron. Remember that 4 of the 9 Cardinals hitters have a long ball against Nolasco.

    The Cardinals is the only bet you need today.

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