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    Random Random Random.....

    I recently opened a FANDUEL account and put in $10. Partly for the 3000 points it was paying off in some offer and also because I am pretty good at fantasy football and real money online gambling that is legal appeals to me. Since poker is off the proverbial table until Washington pull its collective head out of its bloated ass, fantasy sports will have to do.

    My 12-yr old son and I have truly been having a blast with it ever since. For over two weeks I have worked that $10 up and down and currently I sit with a balance of $8.45. If you follow the shit and like to gamble a little then I highly recommend it. You join a tournament covering the entire slate of NFL games that week for a $1 and if you strike gold can win in upwards of a thousand. I mean what the hell.

    So last night he and I decided to dig a little deeper and play some NBA fantasy. It was the first time for each of us. I sat down before the kids got back from school and joined a $2 daily tournament. Here is my lineup:

    Goran Dragic -- 21.4
    Jeremy Lin -- 21.5
    Brad Beal -- 38
    Marcus Thornton -- 0
    Martell Webster -- 32.8
    Michael Beasley -- 13
    Kevin Love -- 41.2
    Dwight Howard --33.2
    Andrea Bargnani -- 25.2

    [B]TOTAL[B] = 226.3

    When my son got home from baseketball practice he wanted in so I let him join a $1 league with the same games and players. Here was his lineup that he selected totally on his own:

    Isaiah Thomas -- 24.5
    Jose Juan Barea -- 22.9
    James Harden -- 25.5
    Jordan Crawford -- 14.2
    LeBron James -- 26.7
    Martell Webster -- 32.8
    Brandon Bass -- 11.4
    Dante Cunningham -- 14.4
    DeMarcus Cousins -- 53.9

    TOTAL = 226.3
    WHAT THE FUCK!!!! What are the chances statistically of that happening. All of the players and combinations available with a $60,000 salary cap. And we tie each other. Mind you we both lost.. But to have the same exact score to the tenth of a point. That my friends is called being connected to your offspring I guess. I have screen shots documenting all of it. I just could not figure out how to post em. Nutty.....

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    Who cares about tie or win or loose .Most important part you had fun with your son.Means a lot to him and you enjoy it.

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