OK, so I've heard from very few people about the 1000 pt league which means I'm abandoning it. The 5000 pt league is still open for registration. It's on Yahoo, standard H2H PPR league (only change in scoring I have is safeties are 5 - tougher to get). Prize Pool is as follows (assuming a 12 person league):

1st place: 32500pts
2nd place: 15000pts
3rd place: 7500pts
Regular Season Champion: 5000pts

I will schedule the draft for August 30th - players MUST escrow the 5000 pts to Pooffy or Potfan (whichever one of you will do it - need to know the pts are safe) before the draft. No exceptions.

Here is who is currently signed up:
Credsfan (I think - who ever signed up as "Steve's Team")
Sheriff Prawney
Cocomo B. Ware

Verbal Commitments:

We have 6 spots available. IF you're interested and know you will have the points, PM me and I'll send you the link to sign up.

- The commish.