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    Bellator 85 trying to clone goldberg and rogan.

    Hey I was watching Bellator 85 and I noticed that it looks like they are trying to clone the UFC announcers Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan. I posted a pic so tell me what u think.

    The shorter bald guy even seems to try to sound like Rogan.
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    lol there is a funny similarity

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    playing poker is the best thing you can do

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    these, two on th left side need to sty indoors fr a someones should smash the bald dudes head n nose lol just my opinion

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    holy crap that is a lot similar. i've listened to the bellator guys, good announcers even though goldberg and rogan help make ufc awesome!

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    thats realy funny. that's what we call lacking of creativity.

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