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    Apr 2012

    Where u watchin TV online these days?

    I have lost like 3 of the old sites I used to watch TV online with. They have become defunct. That leaves with this one Watch all tv series online for FREE but it doesn't have everything I want. I have a movie site, I don't need that. Just a TV site. Anyone know what happened to the channel1 site or have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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    PokerOwned God greengiant's Avatar
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    I watch all my tv on youtube.
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    I stick to watching tv on tv and i play poker and watch porn online keeps everything a lot easier. lol

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    those websites are usually low quality and not always reliable. There are better options.
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    project free tv!! by a LONGSHOT! I have NOT owned a television since I bought my 1st house six months ago. I have a 30" HD monitor and a dellXPS and roadrunner turbo. I am not home enough to justify a cable package,and project is always there.

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    We use both Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix is good for the older episodes but rarely has recent ones. Amazon Prime has many episodes from just the prior week.

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    ProjectFreeTV has everything, but SHH don't tell anyone.

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    i use netflix and put my pc into a TV of 42 inch a looks fine to me, nice series and stuff like that

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