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    Top 10 TV shows this week

    1. How I Met Your Mother
    2. Glee
    3. Dexter
    4. Gossip Girl
    5. House
    6. The Big Bang Theory
    7. Modern Family
    8. The Walking Dead
    9. Grey's Anatomy
    10. Weeds

    You can watch your favorite tv shows online fro free, no need to do a survey. If you don't know where to watch full tv episodes online for free, hulu is the best choice for who live in the US. For those who are outside the US, google "sidereel" and you'll find the answer.

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    the walking dead and dexter are the best

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    Jun 2013
    That surprises me that those are the top shops...I would figure that Americas Got Talent would be somewhere in the top 10? or are they just your top 10

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    AGT is the only show worth watching on television.... most of it is mind melting garbage. (not that AGT is not)

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    Eh who am I kidding I like melting my brain with sports and betting on them.... I am a degenerate =)

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    Don't like a single one of them. I like history or nature shows.

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    i think big bang theory should be higher on the list

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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    1 Suits
    2 Pretty Little Liars
    3 Dexter
    4 True Blood
    5 How I Met Your Mother
    6 The Big Bang Theory
    7 Teen Wolf
    8 Game of Thrones
    9 Breaking Bad
    10 Supernatural

    1,6,8,9 all good shows. I would add Franklin and Bash, Under the Dome, The Newsroom, and a few others.

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    A couple of those comedies you can kill time with, but Dexter is the only one I would actually invest time in on that list.

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    Not going to be watching 10 shows this week, but I will be watching:
    True Blood
    America's Got Talent
    Impractical Jokers

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