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Thread: Sons of Anarchy

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    Jan 2014

    Sons of Anarchy

    Who all watches this and whats your favorite part?

    I dont know about you but im sick of seeing Gemma (the mom) guess it pays to be the show creators wife.... everytime she talks i just think PEG BUNDY OMG lol...

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    yeah i have her stuck as peg bundy in my mind too. the show is allright but i dont keep up to date on it.

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    Great show. Best one is with Tara shes one my favorites.

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    Jan 2014
    One of my favorite shows, cant wait to see how the last season goes

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    Dont want to give any spoilers, but the most recent season was very intense

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    katey sagal(aka Peg Bundy) NAILS this part!! When an actor is in one of the longest running series in history, they tend to get typecast and cant get another meaningful job. She went from ditz to biker bitch in no time flat! she also started out as a singer, and sang a few for SOA( oh she was a backup singer for Bette midler)

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    I've seen all episodes! I love this show. But I must say, first season was the best!
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