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    movies i like while playin poke rby jimmyd

    i play 14 hrs of poker a day and at the same time i usually have a movie on. i get all the movie channels. i like comedy or action during poker. ive seen all the poker movies and i like em all. name the movie with this line- your just not ready for me kid yet. lets play agame ill do aline u name the movie. 1. qit feedin off me get on about yourselves. 2. noboby touches the huggie bear.3. hmm i like mustard on my bisquits. 4. one day i just felt like running so i ran. anything with al pacino, robert deniro, john travolta, paul newman, tom cruise, alec baldwin, meryl streep, sly stone, sean pean nicholas cage , dennis and randy quaid, michelle pfeiffer, adam sandler i like almost every movie any one of the above has done. my list is too long but i love jackie brown kill bill 1 and 2, pulp fiction, deathproof. in general i love movies. i watch when i play poker. football baseball r on the list. my favorite sitcoms seinfeld, king of queens, all in the faily, mary tyler moore, andy griffith, leave it to beaver, cheers, taxi, sanford and son.

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    sanford and son is my 2nd favorite black show next to cops

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