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    Movies are great :)

    whats are the best?

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    Mar 2012
    i like historycal movies most, and i vote for gladiator!

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    Feb 2012
    I like a film that you can completely get lost in the storyline and the characters .. I watched Finding Neverland last night .. its the second time that I have watched this film and I am completely amazed how I can forget that it's Johnny Depp playing JM Barrie .. he is such a convincing actor .. I too like Gladiator .. Russell Crowe did a fantastic job of it .. and once again, I wasn't focused on the actor but his character .. he did that in LA Confidential as well .. very gifted ..
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    i would vote any movie but that god damn waste of film....Passion of the Christ.....what a joke that was....I got in trouble at the theater for laughing....

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    The best movie is ,,Avatar"

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