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Thread: "Despicable Me"

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    "Despicable Me"

    Another movie update: I just finished watching Despicable Me and it was ok. I must admit the computer animations on this are amazing. Sometines I forgot I was watching a cartoon! But, it is still another animation film, which seem to be flooding the movie theatres nowadays. I mean, how many cartoons can I watch? Adults and children alike should enjoy this. It not an epic, but entertaining for sure.

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    i havent watched this movie yet
    but the shorts look great
    and i really look forward to watching it
    the more cartoon movies the better
    im a big kid at heart
    and loves cartoon movies

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    Dec 2010
    True. I really enjoyed it too. Agnes is just too cute! It's so fluffy i'm gonna die!!!!

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    Nice family movie. More for kids than grown ups, I enjoyed it a bit, not much, but it's great for kids.

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