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    Commercials Jack In The Box vs Carl's Jr

    Okay so I am a bit old .. BUT .. has anyone noticed that the Jack commercials are quite .. um .. well .. suggestive ?? I mean .. this is JACK ...

    then along comes the Carl's Jr commercial and there is a chick in a short dress and she has the bag between her legs and there is a cleavage shot and all the time I am thinking .. this is supposed to be a Hamburger commercial .. WTF???? The bag between her legs does not inspire me to go get a burger .. sorry .. that's kind of gross .. I am sure this has a completely different effect on the boys but for me .. it's over the line .. LOL ..
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    it could be worse ... they could start airing these again

    this is older then most here on this site .... Evil Grimace McDonalds Ad - YouTube

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    We don't have either place in our area. So I guess that means I have no opinion

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    bmeelneg wat a shit ad i enjoyed it lots thanksss

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    carls does have attractive commercials but Jack he is the man even though he has a big head.

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