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Thread: Bitten.

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    This is a new series on the Syfy Channel.

    Based on the critically acclaimed series of novels from Kelley Armstrong. Set in Toronto and upper New York State, BITTEN follows the adventures of 28-year-old Elena Michaels, the world?s only female werewolf. An orphan, Elena thought she finally found her ?happily ever after? with her new love Clayton, until her life changed forever. With one small bite, the normal life she craved was taken away and she was left to survive life with the Pack.
    "Take My Bankroll-Plz!"

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    i was wondering how good this show could be because i like science fiction but syfy usually has terrible movies and shows...

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    Sounds cheesy.

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    I'm sure it could be good or terrible (or anywhere in between for that matter). It will just depend on the writers and the actors. Why is she the "only" female werewolf though? That sounds a little dumb.

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    does sound cheesy!! was gonna check it out, til i saw this post!! LOL

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    That sounds awful. This obsession with werewolves, zombies, and vampires has got to stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthomme View Post
    That sounds awful. This obsession with werewolves, zombies, and vampires has got to stop.
    Totally agree with everything said here. Not a fan of a lot of shows on the syfy channel either

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