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    Cool Your biggest hero call ever

    Make sure it was for money that was a significant amount to you so it wasn't just a call because you the money didn't matter. Mine was in a 1/2 dollar live charity cash game I am holding Ad Js off in the small blind and I raise to 6 dollars BB calls flop comes 4h 6d 2h
    I check BB bets 7 dollars I call turn is a 9s I check BB bets 11 I end up calling
    River is a 10h board is now 4h 6d 2h 9s 10h BB fires 20 I end up taking like 5 minutes call he shows Kh Qs. Not sure why I was just check calling prob should have check raised on the flop but I played dumb and ended up making him look bad.

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    Mine was I called superman.

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    i've made several hero calls. I've had a great read on many of them. i honestly do it like all the time. 5 times in 2 hours.

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