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    worst band beat!!!!!!!!

    well i have 2 bad beats... in a local cash game 1 2 anies... 100 buy in... i sit down with one hundred after about 2 hrs i'm at 340 or so.... i get pocket 66s on button. first to act bets 15 dollars and 3 others call besides me.... pot is at 78 dollars... flop comes 2 6 q to are hearts.. first to act bets 20 then 2 fold 4th raised to 50 i call and first to act calls.. pots 228 and i have 280 left turn come another 2.. yeah for me boated... first bets 20 again second raised to 80 i go all in time... 260 they both call had me covered and one pushes his extra 20... we all turn over cards... one has king queen other has ace queen... yeah pots at 1008 for me.... and the the river.. last queen in the deck... they is a dealer for this game so i was like ahhhhh....... what's the odds of that...

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    when you'll stop going all in with A4s hearts on flop 9710 spades .. then i think you'll have less badbeats

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