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    Won the nightly forum game last nite

    Made a whole 2 bucks out of 10 cents. Then turned my ten cents into 20.00 bucks then gave my 20 bucks away in a rush game I do this everytime, I don't know why but sometimes its more fun for the risk than the reward. Guess I need to start playing more sng's.

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    lol same here..cant keep any winnings on fulltilt, im always busting it all on rush, perhaps everybody should stop playing rush?!

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    avoid rush tables any lower then .25/.50 cent its hard to play rush when you spend tons of time folding until you get a good hand.. then it doesnt hit.. you get bored and start playing more then you should.. if you have $20 and your looking to build bankroll i suggest sitting at the .1/.2nl tables with $2.50 and multitabling as many as you can handle..
    play the premium hands only these guys dont pay attention to you folding the whole and time and finally raising.. and when you do get a good hand its more likely your not up against a monster if you get called.

    ^^ Diablo 2 thing.. I spent many years of my life pissing off people on hardcore.^^

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    good for you bro

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    Nice win dude. Keep going. Yea the reward is small, but their usually fun. There are some people that take it a lil too serious. but its 10c lol

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