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    This is why I quit playing poker aside from crazy gaur tournies

    So decided to play in the 15k guarantee $10 today needless to say I lasted 30 minutes check out this awesome hand:

    wake up with AKs dude opens up 3x bb folded around to me I call flop is:


    I check dude pushes all in hes been playing like a total donk the last 30 mins so rightfully I call, shows 66... OK... typical retards but here's why I stopped gambling because my lucks horrible and no matter what I always seem to lose thankfully I only ever play with very very small amount but nonetheless:

    Turn is a 6, im out of the 15k GG donks you win again


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    I love how they always seem to reward the donk(best player) lmfao and they push with nada...
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