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    When tilting leads to a huge run

    You hear tons of stories of terrible tilting leading to horrible losses. How about some stories of tilting inadvertently leading to some huge wins?

    Played some 4/8 at the local B&M. I was losing my flushes to higher flushes and sets to higher sets, but was playing well. Donks ended up sitting down and running down my two pairs with gutshots and ect. I started tilting and dumped 2 buy ins down the toilet. I used my last buy in, probably not the smartest thing, as I was still on horrible tilt. Began playing all the crap cards I could find and calling everything down. Needless to say, I ended up destroying the table with 4 9 off, 7 2 off, and every other terrible hand. Had kill pot after kill pot with an aces cracked share in there as well. Ended up about $500 ahead, even after the original $200 loss. Still, playing bad is playing bad, and have since tried to minimize my emotions at the table... it's my biggest flaw.

    Any other stories?

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    Had AA twice last night in a PO freeroll on BCP

    lost both times to flushes on the river :0

    I was then knocked out of a 3$ DoN SnG to a guy's rivered gutshot straight against my trips.

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    I wish that worked for me last night. I was tilting hard. Lost my bank roll. I started playing bad after taking some beats when I had best hand and donks calling down and hitting on the river. But I can't complain the little I lost can't compare to what I won and cashed out in the last few weeks of playing on free money. Now its time to start over for me and get on the grind.

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    No, I think I am 100% sure that my tilting has never ended well... glad it worked out for you. Bet you pissed off a lot of other players!
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    sounds like if you donk enough you eventually will have a lucky run... what kind of high percent win strategy is that?

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    @fufubear, hey good for you! Nice win that night. Due to health issues that type of stuff usually happens to me online or at home games. It's always good though .
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    This thread is a testament to human nature. Nobody remembers when a reckless play paid off, but we all remember the string of the bad beat.

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    everytime i tilt i just end up blind drunk and about 1000 out of pocket

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    its never turned out good...i think i have won in some ridiculous spots but immediately spewed the chips back the next hand.

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    overall will lead to destruction won't always pan out for u if u don't have the control to not tilt fl with it

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