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    Danghis Khan dk12's Avatar
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    Nov 2012

    What a sick way to lose 2k in llbs... =(

    Starting Game #74742191-27
    JokerJay14 is the Dealer
    Shuffling Cards
    len72959 posted Small Blind 50
    MyriamAndMax posted Big Blind 100
    You Were Dealt (5h,5c)
    MiamiMadePunk raised to 200
    1JokeSicker calls 200
    MichMan79 folds
    xxxBOOBSxxx calls 200
    8roadkill8 folds
    filthyjester folds
    JokerJay14 folds
    len72959 calls 200
    MyriamAndMax folds
    Dealing Flop (9d,Ts,5d)
    OhioCrushin has been seated
    len72959 checks
    MiamiMadePunk checks
    1JokeSicker bets 450
    xxxBOOBSxxx calls 450
    len72959 calls 450
    MiamiMadePunk folds
    Dealing Turn (Tc)
    len72959 is All In
    1JokeSicker is All In
    xxxBOOBSxxx folds
    len72959 shows (As,Td)
    1JokeSicker shows (5h,5c)
    Dealing River (9s)
    You were knocked out
    Admin: You have 2 minutes to chat.
    Uncalled bet of 975 returned to len72959
    len72959 wins 5810 from pot with Full House - Tens over Nines
    1JokeSicker> GREAT
    "Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you will get the results" -Oscar Wilde



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    Yeah its very sick no doubt but so common online its not even funny anymore
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    I hear ya man, it is quite common online like abwil2 said. On to the next hand wherever it may be. Just keep playing solid. Poker is a game played over time. Over time that hand u had will make you way more then his calling with A10 and hitting ever will.

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    PooffyFooffy omg I need to play there more, were u in da game?
    JDS @PooffyFooffy no Pooffy its just a fun fact

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    just remember that this represents the occasion and not the norm...keep making good decisions and not worry about stuff like this. these situations even out in the long term.

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