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    what happens when you dont watch

    two tournaments two outcomes -

    1. $10 NLH single table sng, top 3 get paid, first hand was AA and I wanted to get a drink. First position went AI so I clicked call and went to kitchen, when I got back I was out of tourney (looking back he had JJ and hit a J)

    2, $5 double or nothing tourney NLH - registered during late night session, sort of forgot about it and fell alsleep on couch, woke up to a screen that said I was a winner - NICE! Followed the hand history to find a guy bubbled out right before I would have been AI in BB

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    "You just never know whats going to happen playing online its always something !"

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    thats pretty sweet. I like those double up tourneys. i forgot all about them. i wonder if they have those on bcp

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    well at least you won half your money back with your DON game lol good luck on the felt!
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    Double up are the way to win cash to the real tourneys good play mate.

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