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    Talking What a come back! last to 1st!

    just won the 10.00 blackchippoker freeroll, they had me down to 900 chips when the average stack was 7K!

    lol,don't sleep on dntbstupid!

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    great comeback and very nice win...hope you keep it up

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    Nice one! Kinda know how you feel... Got into the last 3 in a 173 person touney and the blinds were huge. I Get AQ an shove - dude has AA...Im down to $7k (half a blind) and shove all in with JX and win! right back up to $28k and win the tourney. Great feeling.

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    very good ole boy, last to first is a definite nail biter, although i never seem to get around to first i've come up from 80 chips to final table

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