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    Wasn't on TILT, but may be starting to get back on.

    I put $100 (more) in my FT account and lost it in a week. Decided to stop losing own money. Was playing terrible, not reading cards right, slow playing when I shouldn't and going all in when I shouldn't. Betting too big and scaring people away when I shouldn't. Betting too small and letting my best hand get beat on the river when I shouldn't.

    So I decided to start from zero...freerolls only. I've got my balance up to $9.20 in one week. Perhaps it has something to due with not playing scared since it wasn't my money to begin with. Anyhow, I've made a few final tables, quite a few cashes, and came close several other times. So perhaps I'm "close" to being on TILT....soon anyhow.

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    Your decision is right! I make the same on ftp....I dont want to lose my own money!

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    how much time did you spent that week? to get deep in a freeroll you need at least 4-5 hours, why not put something like 20$ in and play at the lowest stakes instead?

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