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    Using mini grinder points to determine average finish

    Can you take points earned in Mini Grinder and average them against, Days Played, games played, and maybe others.

    Here is Mine: 49 points in 12 Days

    49/12= 4.08

    Some my average Daily Finish would be 7th place as 7th earns 4 points.

    Just a thought.

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    It was a lonely thought so I decided to reply to it...

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    thats a great average but not surprise your a great player

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    Wow I would like to get that many points in a week! lol let alone a few days, nice job. 4 a day lol vitamins, get yours.

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    or you could just look at the "place donkey bets" page which gives u a ITM% overall
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    great job on getting that many points! now i gotta try to keep up with ya!

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