the wierdest thing is i went allin on maybe 30 hands , and every time i was ahead , they were all calling with middle pair or low pair, none of theses were flush or strait draws. i cant believe the idiocy. i won almost every one. one that put me out and i would have had a huge stack was after the i had aj with a j the top card. i shove all in and he calls with j7. he hits a 7 on the turn. this allin was more than the pot. and just now im almost in the money at carbon with q3 in the bb. flop is a q , 8, 2 . i bet 5 k and 1 calls, a 3 comes on turn im 2 paired , i push all allin , get called with aq . did iplay this wrong , i only had 17k left when i went allin. im ahead but the board pairs an 8 and i lose cause he has ace kicker. if i win the hand im in the money , u cant stall , not enough chips.