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    May 2011

    ugly $2.20 45 person

    hate these situations when morons with semi short stacks ship it with this stuff and cracks ur hand..ugh...

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    May 2011
    this happens every other minute on Merge sites

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    i am so sick of merge and there software, I plan on moving to Cake poker or something soon

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    Mar 2012
    well thats kinda classic, thats why i dont like KK, A2 easy pwn kk xD

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    Apr 2012
    That happens all the time. It's called poker :P At least you lost in front of an A, but how about to lose in front of 2 5 ? What would you say then? It happened to me, having AA and the other 2 5 making two pairs with the table. It sucks
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    feel the same way merge software favors the underdog been knocked out so many times if u play knowing this u win

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    that happens to you alot i see from all your post.hopefully things will get better for you soon

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