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    Cool Sweating at Foxwoods

    Hey Everyone im pretty new to the site and figured i would share my most recent close call... anyway...

    i was at foxwoods last night and sat down at a 1/2 NL holdem table with the max there of $300 after about a 6hr session im sitting on a little over $700. At this point i am very comfortable with my table, other than myself there are 3 other really good players. We all had an unspoken agreement to stay out of each others way whenever possible. The four of us have been frying up little fishys for awhile when along comes this guy from a broken table with about $1600. I Doubt this man has been playing Super-Agressive all night based on his stack but from the instant this man sat down his range was infinite and his raises were huge. Needless to say i tightened up and only opening with the top of my range. On the button i squeeze open Ad 10dwith 3 callers in mid-posistion The "Agressor" who is 2 behind me raises to $25. While it may seem like an almost instant fold this is a pretty common number for this idiot so i bump it to $75. Everyone folds except him who calls.
    The Flop comes 10c 2s 5d He bets out $45 into a $159 pot I raise to $150 he calls. Now normally i would be thinking set or over pair here but not with him.
    The Turn Comes 6c he bets out again this time for $125 into a $459 pot I instantly push my remaining $512 into the middle and he goes into the tank which actually scares me... maybe he did have a good starting hand... maybe he did have a set on the flop... then he says to me "I dont understand i improved on the turn, whats with the sudden outburst"... he shows me 6h 2h and then says "I call" my heart dropped... I didnt know whether to be pissed at him or myself... i dropped my head and didnt even look at the river...
    The River Comes 10h Giving me trips and saving my ass... i raked in $1450+ at a 1/2 table I decided that i wasnt thinking clearly gave the dealer $50 for being a magician and walked home with just under $1100 in profit from an 8hr session. Looking back im still not sure if i would have changed my play. But im Glad i made it that time good or bad EV lol

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    you did a donkey on him. And you proud?

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    why is that a donkey?? he had the best hand going in, and the best hand after the flop!! the best hand actually won!! wtf was donkboy doing calling with 26! yikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by tracyrickrobby View Post
    why is that a donkey?? he had the best hand going in, and the best hand after the flop!! the best hand actually won!! wtf was donkboy doing calling with 26! yikes
    He was behind when the money went in...

    Lucky catch and welcome to PokerOwned

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    He was behind when the money went in, but none of us know how the guy was playing besides you at the table, and if you like you had explain he was playing crazily pretty much, No doubt in my mind, I play it the same way you did, Nice pot!! Welcome to Pokerowned as well!!

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    exactly, that wasnt a very good play nothing special

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    I really dont like the raises when you are that deep but it worked out for you. You shouldve just won or lost a decent sized pot and in this case you just got lucky. But congrats and Im sure it felt pretty good to win that big!

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    Yup winning big pots are nice but the flip side is that it could have gone other way...

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