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    Step UP your Madness game PO!!!

    I may be a humble man (usually), but I have to post this little PO Madness brag, and encourage you all to step up your games!!!!

    Zab posted in chat today

    "Winner MichMan 93pts 1860pts"

    Yes I lost out on 1700+ pts for not opting in, but, this is the 2nd time I won this without knowing I was even in the race to win it, without looking at the page at all, and without trying.

    I don't like to do prop bets too often, because I believe it affects my game. It would seem my theory is working,

    So c'mon folks, don't let me find out down the road on another Monday that I won this, step it up a notch!!!!
    22:52 <onehotdame> pull my finger
    02:51 <onehotdame> ill miss u when u go
    14:53 <onehotdame> gotta callthePOD people
    12/17/2014 16:29 <onehotdame> your a bit of an ass when yo high

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    its definitely worth the 100 points!! i have gotten top 4 more then a few times!! its not that hard!!

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    I have started playing this every week, I don't find it as pressing as llbs can be.
    Good luck everyone this week.

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