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    running like ass

    Hand #4793353-49 - 2013-04-01 10:55:31
    Game: PL Omaha (40 - 200) - Blinds 1/2
    Site: Seals With Clubs
    Table: PLO 6max 1/2 #1
    Seat 1: sirbluffmeno (208)
    Seat 4: gimmeabrew (70)
    gimmeabrew has the dealer button
    gimmeabrew posts small blind 1
    sirbluffmeno posts big blind 2
    ** Hole Cards **
    Dealt to gimmeabrew [Kh 2d Qd Qc]
    gimmeabrew raises to 5
    sirbluffmeno calls 3
    ** Flop ** [9d Qh 5d]
    sirbluffmeno bets 8
    gimmeabrew raises to 24
    sirbluffmeno raises to 40
    gimmeabrew raises to 65 (All-in)
    sirbluffmeno calls 25
    ** Turn ** [9c]
    ** River ** [7d]
    ** Pot Show Down ** [9d Qh 5d 9c 7d]
    sirbluffmeno shows [8d 9s 3h 6d] (a Straight Flush, Five to Nine)
    gimmeabrew shows [Kh 2d Qd Qc] (a Full House, Queens full of Nines)
    sirbluffmeno wins Pot (137) with a Straight Flush
    Rake (3)
    gimmeabrew adds 100 chips

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    If that was at merge, not hard to believe. The overall attitude of the players is that they don't care about the games whatsoever, that's why they all call with any 4 cards in Omaha. A complete lack of knowledge on the game on their part. Usually easy money though, cause they are that stupid.

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    Yea, players suck and play any 4 and hardly folding preflop. They get lucky a lot of times so they just keep playing like that, but im sure they go broke fast.

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    Ouch, what a bad beat. It was however, pretty much unavoidable.

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    this is sucks, but it happens everytime

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    Happens to me in live poker it seems to never end. That's why i love cash games so much more skill and it allows you to capitalize on your opponents leaks more easily.

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