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Thread: running deep

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    PokerOwned Master mathkid's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    running deep

    how deep is deep?

    is it 1/2 way through or 2/3 way through or for that matter 4/5 of the way into a poker tourney

    always re that poker tourneys are a crapshoot u can play perfect poker and you will still need to run well and catch a bit of luck

    good luck to all of you guys in the poker tourneys its a marathon

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    Jan 2013
    Depends on the size of tourney

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    oh my bad ~ thought this post was about something else ~ lol
    <Poof> I only want to kick those chickens that beat up the rooster

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    Jan 2013
    gl to u too....have fun grindin

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    Feb 2013
    I'd consider it around the bubble, if not a handful of places just before it. I'm thinking more in the context of the "I'm deep in a tourney, help!" forum section though I suppose.

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    After years on merge I see theres some merit to calling down donky raisors in lower stakes tourneys. That 3 bet is often backed up by some BS Q 10. and Your Qjs just might be worth a try. Too many times I see them shove by the turn all in with nothing. ITs always easier with AA, KK - but my last tourney I won $68 in a $1 RB/A by calling down these idiots and their Qx while I have top pair and their chasing and betting huge. I doubt its like this at higher stakes - but so much bs at donkament levels. Just gotta watch'em donks closely for their over commits.

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