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Thread: Q&A time!

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    Q&A time!

    So, as promised, I thought this would be a fun and interactive way to get to know everyone and since I'm new, a way for the POKEROWNED faithful to have an opportunity at meeting another person on a more intimate level.

    Below is a short excerpt from a piece I wrote on a forum in response to a PPA thread back in May that was to gain a more introverted view to the individuals affected by the 4/15 indictments:

    "I, myself, am a 22 year old aspiring poker player that has 100% relied on poker in order to lead any type of a "life".

    What do I mean?

    Without going into too much detail, I had a rough stint growing up(family wise) and, often acted out due to either wanting attention or never had too many friends IRL at any time because I was a bit of a computer geek/math nerd and always excelled in my studies. Long story short, one time took it a bit too far at school in my retaliation and was forced into a legal situation that ultimately landed me (due to court orders) to not finish out my senior year of HS with the only friends I did have, delete my social networks and any ties that I had to the school.

    Feeling basically shut out from any world I knew, turned to the Internet... Which ultimately led me to discover this game of poker that I absolutely LOVE and feel is ingrained into me. I could now combine my math skills with something that still was mentally stimulating and provides healthy competition with a chance @ making $$$.

    It was PERFECT for me.

    Not to mention, you get to know the people you play with day in & day out... They could be on the other side of the country, or, even the other side of the world, but yet, you share a similar interest/hobby/career and just from that alone, I've met some of the most upstanding individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    Due to the legal nature of the problems and lots of vested time... any money I did win from the game was to immediately handle any lawyer/court fees and also, was fortunate enough to have given $15k of my earnings to my parents on top of the fact because, well, they DID take care of me for the 18 years at the time, and, naturally felt it was the right thing to do (ALL WHILE FILING like a good tax-paying U.S. citizen...)

    Variance kicked in shortly after, but, felt it was time to pursue my studies and work on getting going with the rest of my life. Was pleased knowing I could 'start over' and knew that college would open up those opportunities for me.
    I, like, many others, however felt that college wasn't for me after attending a few semesters and the immediate gratification that poker provided for me in the past was always alluring.

    I returned to playing full time (brief hiatus from end of 2007 to starting again late 2010), and having quit my part-time job to give myself the best opportunity to succeed. And, in lieu of that, for convenience factors, kind've just made sense to keep the majority of my bankroll online and cash out as need be.

    Since my return, (roughly 4 months has netted me about $75k in MTT earnings and about a profiting bankroll of about currently $20k) which, at the current point in time is all tied up."

    I feel that this gives a decent starting viewpoint as to how I came into the game, but, would LOVE any specific questions or if people just wanna know more about me or particulars.... Don't hesitate to post and I'll gladly follow through with a response.


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    cool stroy bro. hope to see around carbon perhaps :P

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    My name on Carbon is same as here: JerseyShoreFan, Cake is BeatUpDaBeat. Been playing on CAKE and familiarizing myself with the online play again as I just got done being in Vegas and playing live for 2 months....
    Definitely looking forward to getting back in there though and I should be playing on Carbon fairly consistently in the immediate future.

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    I'm about to be 20 and have somewhat the same poker views as you except for the not having any friends part

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