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    proof of collusion on swc

    i called these 2 down just to prove they were cheating

    im player tommy62278 and im 100% sure as are the players im on table with are 100% sure we have been cheated. player nut and BTCpiggyBANK are 100% colluding and i want a refund

    Hand #26907064-174 - 2014-07-02 02:05:28
    Game: NL Hold'em (4 - 20) - Blinds 0.10/0.20
    Site: Seals With Clubs
    Table: NLHE 6max .10/.20 #1
    Seat 1: TYSON9841 (4)
    Seat 2: 420BiTCh (140.68)
    Seat 3: Degnr8Gamblr (20)
    Seat 4: tommy62278 (19.90)
    Seat 5: nut (8.10)
    Seat 6: BTCpiggyBANK (20)
    420BiTCh has the dealer button
    Degnr8Gamblr posts small blind 0.10
    tommy62278 posts big blind 0.20
    ** Hole Cards **
    Dealt to tommy62278 [9h 8h]
    nut calls 0.20
    BTCpiggyBANK raises to 0.40
    TYSON9841 folds
    420BiTCh folds
    Degnr8Gamblr folds
    Degnr8Gamblr adds 0.10 chips
    tommy62278 calls 0.20
    nut raises to 0.80
    BTCpiggyBANK raises to 1.20
    tommy62278 calls 0.80
    nut raises to 1.60
    BTCpiggyBANK raises to 2
    tommy62278 calls 0.80
    nut raises to 2.40
    BTCpiggyBANK raises to 2.80
    tommy62278 calls 0.80
    nut raises to 3.20
    BTCpiggyBANK raises to 3.60
    tommy62278 calls 0.80
    nut raises to 4
    BTCpiggyBANK raises to 4.40
    tommy62278 calls 0.80
    nut raises to 4.80
    BTCpiggyBANK raises to 5.40
    tommy62278 calls 1
    nut raises to 8.10 (All-in)
    BTCpiggyBANK raises to 20 (All-in)
    tommy62278 calls 14.50 (All-in)
    BTCpiggyBANK refunded 0.10
    ** Flop ** [4h Qh Qs]
    ** Turn ** [Jc]
    ** River ** [5s]
    ** Side Pot 1 Show Down ** [4h Qh Qs Jc 5s]
    tommy62278 shows [9h 8h] (a Pair of Queens +J98)
    BTCpiggyBANK shows [Kc Kd] (Two Pair, Kings and Queens +J)
    BTCpiggyBANK wins Side Pot 1 (23.60) with Two Pair
    Rake (0)
    ** Main Pot Show Down ** [4h Qh Qs Jc 5s]
    nut shows [2h 6d] (a Pair of Queens +J65)
    BTCpiggyBANK wins Main Pot (23.80) with Two Pair
    Rake (0.60).

    there is 1 huge hand i called down just to prove theyre cheating. theyve been doing it over n over again. im down a load to these 2. may not seem like much to you but im not a rich man. this hand was 20 chips alone. not including the other hands i was involved in.

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    Ohh that sucks to hear tommy. You should talk to the tourney director or the head hancho in charge an get the right thing doe. no player should be cheated on that just aint right.

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    just look at the blatent cheating. min raising each other 100 times. til i get all in. if i dont call they stop raising n fold to one another

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    I think if you E-mail support they'll look into it.
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    you realize the other 5 guys on your table were all padgett, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivdee View Post
    you realize the other 5 guys on your table were all padgett, right?
    damn LOL.............

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    sent in multiple hand histories to support including the hand posted here. yet to recieve a reply from them. ill keep ppl posted on supports reply

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    Idk how you manage to play 1 vs 4-5 like that. That's fkn wack. Death to Dpad>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.By the sword>>>>>>>>>
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    nut dude seems fishy cant blame pig for pl;aying hand that way im convinced off that 1 hand must see more u limping looked fishy too lol gl getting money back wont happen
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    i only posted the hand i called them down with. it was done over the course of 20 hands. BTCpiggyBANK finally lost 100+ chips to another player who called em down with a pair of 3s on river. nut was raising pre every hand while BTC would reraise and got most out. and on flop BTC would shove 100+ and him and nut go to showdown trading pots

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