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    pokeriwned tournament

    the action got hot when i was at the final table last night. it came up to 3 player left.the blinds were 150-200 and kept going up ! no one wanted to surrender,and the game kept going on for about 30 min everyone remining with their constant chips. I went all in with a dude,eliminated him. Then i was heads up with a guy and a few hands later the flop was something lkike this X 6 A 8 6 i had AQ he had 66 and god he slow played them....and i went all in after the flop and got eliminated

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    nice! lived up to my name last night in the 2000 PO client tourney... think i knocked three people out in three consecutive hands... 2nd place finish didn't do too badly for a newbie

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    Very nice finish, Xeqtrpsm. Maybe I'll see you around on PokerStars. I might play the PO tourney at 6pm today.

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